This Girl Make 10 Boyfriend Rules Before He Left For Trip With Friends (4 pics)

1. Make sure your phone is charged at ALL times! Phone me at least once a day (2 mins)2. No girls whatsoever. Don't look. Don't talk. Do not touch!!!!!! (Cheat and I will destroy everything Celtic, I will also make your life a living hell. Kim will be told too.)3. Do not follow girls on social media.4. TATTOO = NAW, you'll be checked when you get home5. DON'T mix drink! "DRUGS ARE FOR MUGS"6. If on boat party, no drinking games with the opposite sex.7. Stay in your own bed!8. Dinny buy girls drink. That money can be spent on me.9. Text Kim every day! She'll be worrying.10. You tell every girl about me ok - if someone flirts, WALK AWAYNO PHOTOS WITH RANDOM GIRLS OR SC STORIES
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