The 9 Partying Movies Characters Who Influenced Generations (9 pics)

8. Van Wilder aka Ryan ReynoldsAll you need to know is that he was a seventh year college senior. Now go watch ‘Van Wilder’
7. Jeff Spicoli aka Sean PennA complete stoner who was either high or drunk 99% of the time.  All he needed was  “some tasty waves and a cool buzz.” If you haven’t seen “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” put it on your must see list.
6. Tommy Callahan aka Chris Farley (RIP) The party animal who turned it all around in ‘Tommy Boy’.  Over 90% of his brain was  “clogged with malted hops and bong resin.”
5. Aldous Snow aka Russell BrandYou can’t mention excess without mentioning Aldous Snow. It was all sex, drugs, rock and roll for Snow in “Get him to the greek”. It wasn’t until Jonah Hill’s character Aaron Green sobered him up was he able to put the puzzle of his life back together.
4. Bluto aka John Belushi (RIP)Bluto was the animal in “Animal House”. Despite going on to be United States Senator (😂) he spent seven years in college, drinking, spying on sorority girls, and wearing togas!

3. Amy aka Amy Schumer

Amy was definitely a Trainwreck in the movie “Trainwreck”. From the bed hopping to kicking back bottles of wine, Amy was the ultimate turnt up movie chick.
2. Frank the Tank aka Will FerrellJust look at the picture below and then go rent “Old School”. It’s a f*cking classic and Will has the most iconic streaking scene ever. “We’re going streaking!” 😂😂😂
  1. Steven Stifler aka Seann William Scott
The ‘Stifmeister’ was a beast and savage af in all the “American Pie” films. He hosted everything from post-prom get-togethers to summer lake bashes and bachelor parties. No woman was safe and every dude was expected to keep up. A true Chug Life Legend.
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