Best Short Films Which Should be On Your Must Watch List (18 pics)

HIT TV (2016) Action, Thriller 12 Min. Director: Saman Kesh Starring: Cru Ennis, Serinda Swan A mysterious and Illegal show appears on TV, offering bounties on murders, in this neon love letter to the ’80s. Ready for some Love Points, players? Watch it HERE!
The iMom (2014) Drama 13 Min Director: Ariel Martin Starring: Matilda Brown, Karl Beattie, Curt Bonnem Introducing the iMom; a way for you to do right by your kids and get the support you need. Except, when a mom leaves her child at home under the supervision of one, something happens. Check it out HERE!
The Man Who Never Cried (2011) Comedy, Drama 24 Min. Director: Bradley Jackson Starring: Keir O’Donnell, Jess Weixler, Dora Madison Ralph Wilson has never cried, not over a broken heart, shattered dreams or even during E.T. When his father dies, he goes on an emotional journey to discover his deeper side before the funeral. You can watch it HERE!
BlinkyTM (2011) Horror, SciFi 13 min Directed by: Ruairi Robinson Starring: Max Records, Jenni Fontana, James Nardini A young boy in the near future looks for companionship with a robot, to escape his arguing parents. But the cycle of abuse is a hard one to break. Check it out HERE!
Mary Last Seen (2010) Drama 14 mins Directed by: Sean Durkin Starring: Brady Corbet, Alexia Rasmussen, Stefanie Estes When a woman goes on a roadtrip with her boyfriend to somewhere he promises will be worth it, strange things transpire and she realizes that the journey isn’t what he promised. You can watch it HERE!
Leonard in Slow Motion (2014) Comedy, Drama 9 Min. Director: Peter Livolsi Starring: Martin Starr, Beth Dover, John Ross Bowie Leonard lives in slow motion, in a world that’s normal speed. When he finds out his crush is being transferred, he has to learn to live his life at regular speed to win her over. Click HERE to watch.
The Phone Call (2013) Drama 20 Min. Director: Mat Kirkby Starring: Sally Hawkins, Jim Broadbent When you’re shy and the only contact you have with others is through a helpline, you never know who’s on the other end, and how they’ll change your life. Watch it HERE!
Voice Over (2011) Action, Drama 10 Min. Director: Martín Rosete Starring: Jonathan D. Mellor, Féodor Atkine, Javier Cidoncha An unreliable narrator gets confused as to what story he’s telling, until he fights his way to the truth. Watch it HERE!
Long Branch (2011) Comedy, Drama 14 Min. Directors: Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart Starring: Alex House, Jenny Raven, Al Maini On a cold winter’s night, a girl commits to having a one night stand… with someone who lives at the end of the bus line… Click HERE to watch it.
Six Shooter (2004) Comedy 27 Min. Director: Martin McDonagh Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Rúaidhrí Conroy, David Wilmot In the tradition of In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, this is a dark comedy where a newly widowed man encounters an odd, and possibly psycho, young man on a train ride. You can watch that one HERE!
The Exit Room (2013) Drama, Sci-fi 10 Min. Director: Todd Wiseman Jr. Starring: Christopher Abbott, Ana Kayne, Dean Neistat During a future revolution in 2021, a journalist tries to survive imprisonment. Check that out HERE!
Successful Alcoholics (2010) Comedy 25 min. Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Starring: T.J. Miller, Lizzy Caplan, Nick Kroll Who says you can’t be successful in your career, your lovelife AND have one hell of a drinking problem? Entertain yourself HERE!
Some Boys Don’t Leave (2009) Comedy, Drama 17 mins. Directed by: Maggie Kiley Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Eloise Mumford, Jennifer Rau When a break up happens in their shared apartment, the ‘boy’ can’t seem to leave, so the ‘girl’ tries to live around him. Eventually, he finds the greatest distance he can go, is within himself. You can check this one out, HERE!
The Gunfighter (2014) Western, Comedy 9 min. Director: Eric Kissack Starring: Shawn Parsons, Scott Beehner, Nick Offerman (voice) In the tradition of the lone gunfighter entering a saloon, this short film involves a narrator that everyone can hear. And he’s a little thirsty for violence. You can watch that one HERE!
Next Floor (2008) Drama 11 Min. Director: Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario) Starring: Simone Chevalot, Luc-Martial Dagenais, Kenneth Fernandez The director of Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario has got a delightful little ditty about an opulent banquet of gastronomic carnage, when an unexpected sequence of events destabilizes the whole thing. You can watch that one HERE!
Lemonade War (2014) Comedy 8 Mins. Directed by: Ramin Bahrani Starring: Mo Collins, Patton Oswalt, Werner Herzog In an idyllic suburban neighbourhood, Jerry runs a big business lemonade stand until some kids set one up across the street, and start a war. You can watch it HERE!
Margo Lily (2012) Drama 9 Mins Directed by: Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart Starring: Aaron Poole, Rachel Wilson A couple struggles to plant a tree in the middle of winter, to honour their lost baby, and find a new way to cope and to heal their broken hearts. Watch it HERE!
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