17 TV Series Houses In Real Life With Interesting Information (17 pics)

Happy Days565 North Cahuenga BoulevardLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated price: $3,161,964The real-life house is nowhere near Miwaukee and has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool and no Fonzie apartment above the garage.
Six Feet Under2302 W 25th StreetLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated price: $1,305,726The 6,324-square-foot Victorian beauty in West Adams was built in 1905 and has plenty of room for people, living and deceased, seeing as it has 5 bedrooms.
American Horror Story: Murder House1120 Westchester PlaceLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated Price: $2,264,829It’s actually called the Rosenheim Mansion and is a whopping 15,000-square-feet. The cultural landmark is currently set up as a recording studio.
Boy Meets World4196 Calfax AveStudio City, CaliforniaEstimated price: $1,156,754Cory Matthews’ home is actually really close to the CBS studios where they shot the show for a while, and it’s surprisingly only 2 bedrooms, despite what the show leads you to believe.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer1313 Cota AvenueTorrance AvenueEstimated price: $750,534Buffy’s house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in real life and is only a few blocks from Torrance High School which was the exterior of Sunnydale High.
The Brady Bunch11222 Dilling StreetNorth Hollywood, CaliforniaEstimated price: $1,782,141The giant family lived here in this 5-bedroom house, which has been owned by the same family since February 1973 when it sold for $61,000.
Modern Family10336 Dunleer DriveLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated price: $2,252,166The 4-bedroom 2-story home where the Dunphys live is in Cheviot Hills.
Family Matters1516 West Wrightwood AvenueChicago, IllinoisEstimated price: $221,243The Winslow residence was built in 1924 and is a multi-family home. Steve Urkel not included.
Golden Girls245 N Saltair AvenueLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated price: $3,310,708The feisty ladies did NOT live in south Florida like you may think. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom ranch used in exterior shots is in west Los Angeles.
Mad Men675 Arden RoadPasadena, CaliforniaEstimated Price: $2,021,754The house had a red door while shooting, and the Draper residence is all the way across the country from Ossining, New York.
Step By Step2011 Fletcher AvenueSouth Pasadena, CaliforniaEstimated price: $1,590,190There are only .27 acres on this lot, hardly enough for cousin Cody’s trailer in the yard.
7th Heaven527 Alta AvenueSanta Monica, CaliforniaEstimated price: $6,781,269This house has over 12 rooms, a pool AND a tennis court on this fairly small lot.
Roseanne619 South Runnymeade AvenueEvansville, IndianaEstimated price: $110,735The actual home the Connors lived in measures up to 2,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms. It’s described as the perfect home for University of Evansville students.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air251 North Bristol AvenueLos Angeles, CaliforniaEstimated Price: $11,634,932Shockingly enough, the house is NOT in Bel-Air, but in Brentwood, a slightly less super-rich neighborhood. Still, it’s crazy expensive.
Full House1709 Broderick StreetSan Francisco, CaliforniaEstimated price: $3,901,902The 2,484-square-foot home built in 1900 is actually for rent right now, for $13,950 a month. San Francisco, am I right?
The Wonder Years516 University AvenueBurbank, CaliforniaEstimated price: $894,775The modest 1,800-square-foot ranch is in Burbank, but still no word on where the show was actually set.
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